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HOA’s aren’t a secert at Avimor! Avimor strives to create a healthy community culture by sharing all information with its current and future residents. Avimor Life – Experience Idaho! 

A Simple Guide to Avimor Living

All the homeowner information you could ever want about Avimor is now available to you! Avimor strives to be the best place to live in the Treasure Valley. By doing so, Avimor has created many ways to preserve the wildlife, nature, and culture of Idaho living. Check out this simple guide to what life is like at Avimor! 

HOA monthly costs

Avimor wants you to know what you’ll be spending monthly and where your money will be going! Click here to learn more about what your paying for! 

Real Estate Info

There’s plenty of homes to choose from at Avimor. Let our experienced agents show you around! Click here to learn more about our Real Estate Professionals!

Wildlife/nature Preservation

Avimor has over 100 miles of trails ready to be explored. Click here to learn more about how Avimor is keeping its land safe for you to explore!


Want a fast answer about HOA's in Avimor? We've got you covered!

The HOA dues, they are often paid through Title for the quarter in which escrow closes. After that, you are billed quarterly for the dues. $225 – HOA dues for common area care. $30 – Avimor Stewardship Organization for conservation, trail maintenance and community events. $99 – Sewer Service. Monthly your costs come out to $88.50 for HOA fees. 

Avimor continues to make sure your HOA payments go to help the area in which you live! Your HOA covers care for the common area and community parks in Avimor. It also covers the Avimor Stewardship Organization for conservation, trail maintance and community events. Finally, it also covers your sewer service! 

Avimor is a Firewise Community. Please remember that only gas fire pits are allowed. Any landscaping changes must also comply with Firewise Principles. Click here to view our new Fire Plan. 

Buying a new home is an adventure at Avimor! There is a process, but its nothing to be afraid of! Click here view the process and learn what to expect when buying a new home. 

Avimor is home to two professional agents ready to help you find your new dream home. Learn more about Hannah and Lareen by clicking here! No need to look further for your Real Estate pros! 

The Avimor HOA (known at the Avimor Residential Community Association or “ARCA”) is managed by Dave Englund. His contact information is (208)917-8458 or DaveE@avimor.com 

Avimor will take the utility accounts for your home out of Avimor’s name within 3 days of close of escrow. Please ensure that you have changed the following accounts into your name: 

Suez Water: (208) 362-7300   

Idaho Power: (208) 388-2323         

Intermountain Gas: (208) 377-6840  

Community Center Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Residents may use the Event Rooms without charge for events/activities that involve only Avimor residents. Residents will be charged a small fee for private parties or non-Avimor activity. Click here to view rental information and forms.  

Mondays 7:00 a.m.

Garbage/Recycle cans should be automaically delivered to your home upon close of escrow. If not, call Allied Waste via Ada County Billing Services at (208) 577-4710

Contact Danarae Clor at (208) 939-0343 ext. 210 to schedule your 45-day and 11-month warranty walk-through. Click here to view the warranty section of the Avimor Homeowner’s Manual for more information. 

Your home comes with 2 separate conduits for running cable from low voltage Media Panel to your Satellite dish or Cable TV hub. If your Cable/Satellite provider uses these conduits, you will avoid having unsightly cables installed on the outside of your home. Please require your service provider to consult the diagram attached to your Smart Box Media Panel for instructions on the proper use of these 2 conduits. 

Please remember that Avimor Community Rules require that all Satellite dishes be installed in the least conspicuous place on your home. If the dish must be placed on or near the front of your home, you may need to paint it the primary color of your home. 

To view forms on the community rules, please click here to get started! 

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